From a grassroot movement in Global North and South to a global effort: The Hello World team has 7+ years of experience in analyzing trends and working with social entrepreneurs, policy makers, and other key experts and decision makers in the migration sector across Europe and Latin America, seeking to build a system of solutions and changemakers for migration.

Hello World aims to channel innovation and Changemaking into the migration ecosystem. This implies, on the one hand, generating connections between actors and frame the conversation around solutions. On the other hand, indentifying and working with changemakers and social entrepreneurs to play a key role in designing new systems and develop new ways of seeing and understanding migration and people on the move dynamics.


Go wide

Map changemakers and social en-
trepreneurs in the sector, connect
them in a global network.
Advance their work through tailo-
red programs and match them
with potential investors and repli-


Go deep

Select system-changing social en-
trepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows and
provide them with funding and a
life-long support.
Accelerate their impact by nurtu-
ring ecosystems of strategic stake-
holders around them.

book face

Tell the story | Influence

Influence policy at pan-continen-
tal levels through policy salons
and events.
Train and partner with story-te-
llers to shape narratives to
change the way societies think
and talk about migration.

our history

We have developed the vision of Every Migrant a Changemaker. This vision is supported by the emergence of a new framework, with pathways to successfully designing a system in which both people on the move as well as those who receive and welcome them see themselves and are seen as Changemakers for the good of all.


Hello in the World

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